At Bond Mechanical we have been selling remanufactured engines and repairing engines since 1963. Here are some of the features of our remanufactured engines:


Exchange block
– chemically cleaned (interior and exterior)
– magnufluxed (checked for cracks)
– threads checked and re-tapped
– oil gallies checked clear
– cylinder re-bored and honed to specs
– lifter bores honed
– line bored as necessary
– esurfaced as necessary
New block plugs
New camshaft bearings
Re-ground and parkerized camshaft
Rods re-sized and balanced
New pistons and rings
New timing chain and gears
New main and rod bearings
Exchange crankshaft
– chemically cleaned
– oil lines checked and clean
– rod and main journals re-ground and/or polished to spec and micro finished
– thrust checked
New rear main seal
Exchange head(s)
– chemically cleaned (interior and exterior)
– steel shot cleaned
– magnufluxed (checked for cracks)
– threads checked and re-tapped
– valve seat 3 angle grind
– new bronze guide liners
– valve spring pressure tested, new springs as necessary
– new valve seals
– new spring shim as required
– valves re-machined, face and stem new as necessary
New gasket set included (does not include carburetor gasket or exhaust donuts)
New oil pump or kit, if required